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High Gloss Armor Clear

Kodas: H-300


Blizgi skaidri – apsauginis sluoksnis bet kam.

Cerakote H-300 High Gloss Armor Clear is the strongest oven cured clear coat on the market. H-300 is a two-component, oven-cure system that is ideal for applications where cure time is critical. H-300 is one of our most popular clear coats because of its industry leading hardness, chemical resistance, wear performance and adhesion. H-300 is a high gloss, two-component oven cured, ceramic clear coating that can be used as a top coat over a number of materials such as:


-All metal types including polished metals






-Composites & Fiberglass






-Thermal Stability to 450F


In addition to performance, H-300 is designed for ease of application, is VOC-exempt and can be sprayed in all 50 states. Visit the product testing page for extensive ASTM test results and see why Cerakote is the World’s Strongest Clear Coat.